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Our Story

Holdsway LLC was established in 2006. At first law firm rendered law services along with K.N. Semenko’s Law Office and L.Law and Partners LLC (IP registration and protection). Our main specialization was legal support of troubled assets and forensic accounting.

After more than 10 years of development, the philosophy of the company stays the same, but the specialization has expanded. Holdsway has practically united under its brand name the three major practices: legal support of businesses and legal solution to corporate issues, registration and protection of intellectual property, legal defence and representation in court and advocacy.

Our Team

We have more than 20 specialists in our team. Some of the lawyers joined us with experience in various business areas; others have been with us since day one. We are proud of our employees and constantly working on improving their skills and professional development.

Our Vision

We offer a wide range of legal services and complex solutions to the problems of medium and large businesses in Russia and abroad at any stage of business development and in the language of their industry.

Our core principles: full commitment to client’s business, customized approach to each client and adaptability to their needs. We preserve confidentiality and always look beyond the assigned task in order to improve the competitiveness of client’s business.



We offer full range of legal services for planning, creation and maintenance of investment funds and private equity business, and legal support in investment transactions in Russia and abroad, including due diligence and dispute resolution.

Corporate law

We provide the broad scale of legal services in corporate area, including documents preparation and maintenance, and securities transactions support.

Court representation and litigation

One of our main practices – representing clients in arbitration and litigation, including in international courts. We have a vast experience in advising large businesses in complex legal projects.

Financial forensics

We offer independent investigation that integrates audit, evaluation, legal and judicial procedures, management, and IT-support into a single set of knowledge and experience in order to recover misappropriated funds, quickly and discretely.

Intellectual property (IP) law

Often undermined intellectual property demands registration of rights and constant support and protection due to its material value. We help companies legally protect their IP and evaluate its best value.

Tax law

Tax consulting, development of explanations and proposals in the field of taxation and rendering of legal assistance in resolving tax disputes.

Export, import support

Complex legal support for importers & exporters, including legal support of foreign trade, licensing, transactions with counterparties and partners, evaluation and registration of intellectual property.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

A set of legal services for preparing transactions for purchase and sale of business (M&A) in Russia and abroad at all stages, as on the side of the seller and as on the side of the buyer.


We provide full range of criminal defence and legal protection services for businesses. Our advisors and lawyers have vast experience in pursuing legal proceedings to defend companies and their top-management, including cases of economic disputes and corruption charges.


We offer a wide range of legal support services in areas related to insolvency (bankruptcy), as well as settlement of bad debts and troubled assets.

Executory process

The resulting court decision does not guarantee its execution, therefore we represent the interests of clients in order to ensure the enforcement of the court decision to the full extent.



Corporate law

Litigation & Arbitration

IP law

Chemical industry

Trade industry

Banking industry

Food industry

Technology and innovation

Property industry & development

Pharma industry

Energy sector

Consulting firms


Corporate law

Litigation & Arbitration

IP law

Why us

Deep industry knowledge

Our strength is in professional lawyers with in-depth knowledge, specialization in different industries and all-time principles. The team brings together specialists with inhouse work experience in various business sectors. For example, Denis Yushkov joined our team from the banking industry.

Years of experience

The company has been more than 10 years in the market of legal services and business support. The total length of professional experience of our employees is ~ 159 years, the managing partner Konstantin Semenko has been practising law since 1995, and working as patent attorney since 2007.

Individual approach

We focus on the specifics of the client’s company and only on the basis of the characteristics of their business, industry and the task at hand we combine lawyers with the knowledge of all these specifics in one team.

We do not offer template solutions, as each case is unique. We know this and work out each project individually.


Novinskiy boulvar, d. 3, str. 1,
121099, Russia, Moscow,
Business-center «Novisnkiy», 3 floor


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